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tv   Action News  ABC  July 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday, july 2nd. tam is off. nydia han joins us. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking the chance for gusty thunderstorms. >> "action news" has video of a food truck explodeing into a fire ball on a philadelphia street and nearly one dozen people were hurt. >> volunteers are hard at work right now building a giant version of one of philadelphia's favorite sandwiches, the wawa hoagie. >> it's hoagie-rific. >> let's start with the heat advisory. it kicks in at noon today, expires at 8 o'clock this evening. it will be an excessively hot
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and humid day with tep in the mid 90's and heat indexes between 100 and 105. take it easy out there and take it slow. the other issue is the possibility of severe weather. it's a slight risk but it has been posted across the entire region by the national weather service and that means any storms that form later today or this evening could produce gusty winds downpours and lightning and maybe damaging winds so take cover from any storms that form later today or tonight. for now we're not seeing much out there. but as we get into the afternoon heating and a cold front gets a little closer to us from the west we will have the potential for at least some spotty storms. temperatures right now are already warm and it already feels muggy. 76 degrees right now in philadelphia, 77 in wilmington, even in allentown we're up to 74. and 72 in sea isle city. as we roll through the day the heat is on. 83 degrees by 9 o'clock and by noon we'll be at 90. i believe that is the fastest 90 degrees that we've seen so far this hot weather season. by 3 o'clock, 94. your high 95 probably strikes around 3:30 or 4:00 and by 6
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o'clock, 92 and those thunderstorms this afternoon will start out in the northern and western suburbs. it play take until the evening for them to get to i-95 but we'll be watching that. tropical storm arthur is on its way north off the east coast of florida. how close will it come to us on the fourth of july? details in the accuweather 7-day. karen what about the rods this morning. >> we've been expecting lighter volume this week with the fourth of july holiday coming up. 422 approaching troop 94 delay just yet. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia looking pretty good right there. here's the vine street expressway right by the ben franklin bridge. a little bit of building westbound volume approaching the schuylkill but not looking bad at all. you're okay right there. how about i-95 continuing on this camera tour approaching cottman a little southbound building volume here approaching cottman and again approaching girard but as you look at the travel time 14 minutes northbound and southbound so a clear easy ride. and we have construction here that just cleared so some better news. ramp from 295 to mount holly willingboro are opened now. they reopened just a little
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early. the construction cleared so you're good to go this morning, matt. >> sounds good. thanks, karen. new this morning the action cam was at an apartment complex in delaware where two men were shot. it happened at the village of windover complex in bear. gunmen opened fire in the parking lot. two victims were taken to christiana hospital with wounds to their upper body. no word on their conditions. police are looking for at least three men who ran from the scene. two people remain in critical condition this morning after a blast ripped through a philadelphia food truck. let's go live to the "action news" big board. erin o'hearn has video of the incident and new details. erin. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this video that was captured by a security camera in the area is both incredible and horrifying. take a look at this. you can see the food truck right there and then it really just trance forms into a huge ball of fire. 11 people were injured. several cars were charred and utility pole was set on fire. now, this is a photograph of the mother and daughter who were inside the food truck.
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42-year-old olga and 17 year old jalen and they suffered serious burns on more than 50 percent of their bodies. i just spoke to a nurse in the burn unit in an area hospital and the two remain in critical condition. a family member says she had just recently opened the food truck for business. >> so, her whole dream was to open a truck and she opened it and she was doing actually very good job and it's crazy how this just happened. >> i ran right up to help the lady on the floor. at that time she was just laying there on her back with her hands in the air just like stuck and as i looked over, there was another lady on the fence and i tried to help her but the heat from the other cars that were there was just so much for us to even try to help her. >> the official cause of this explosion is still under investigation but it appears it was caused when one of the two propane tanks on the back of the truck ignited. again investigators say they're working to rule out any criminal activity and confirm that this was indeed
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an accident. nydia, back to you. >> thanks for the update erin. new this morning a new 6abc franklin and marshall poll on the pennsylvania race for governor. it shows democratic candidate tom wolf with a big lead over governor tom corbett to this 47 percent of voters polled favored wolf while only 25 percent said they would vote for corbett. 27 percent of those polled didn't know who they were going to vote for. >> the fundamental problem that governor corbett has is that based on his three and a half years in office, there are too many voters who simply will not support his reelection at this point. >> the director of the poll says only about one in four voters thinks governor corbett is doing an excellent or a good job. the polls surveyed 502 pennsylvania voters from june 23rd through the 29th. >> federal government is accusing a cell carrier of benefiting from texting scams that gouged phone customers. maribel aber has details live at the nasdaq in times square.
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good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. t mobile added hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus charges to customers 's bills. this is according to the federal trade commission. the ftc says the wireless carrier tacked the charges onto bills between 2009 and 2013 its a practice called cramming where the fees showed up as unauthorized charges for horse scopes or celebrity gossip and other items. t mobile says the ftc's lawsuit is unfounded and without merit. almost half of workers with college degrees say the degree is not very relevant to what they're doing today. that's from the finding from a survey from the employment firm glass door. the poll also found that 80 percent of college grads believe their level of education has helped them that their career. the dow flirting with that 17,000 mark and closing just shy of the milestone. right now the futures pointing to a higher open. finally restaurants are cutting back on the amount of salt in their foods but very slowly. the large chains have lowered
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sodium by just 1.5 percent over the last four years this is according to a study from the center for science in the public interest. the group says that subway mcdonald's and burger king have cut salt but kfc and jack in the box have increased it since 2009. matt something to think about as you get ready for those burgers and hot dogs on the fourth. >> absolutely. thanks so much maribel. see you tomorrow. new on "action news" berks county crime stoppers offering a reward for information on a string of flag thefts. residents in longswamp township say thieves have robbed them as their patriotic pride ahead of independence day. one veteran says someone stole the flag offer his front porch sometime over the weekend much he and his neighbors are now considering installing security cameras on their properties. >> the wawa welcome america elevation is in full swing and what would the party be without hoagies? "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie inside the national constitution center on independence mall. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, nydia. a lot of fun here.
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i'm sure you can hear the music blasting. the chicken dance is under way right now. actually wally the goose, the wawa mascot is doing a chicken dance so you're not getting your foul music. everybody doing the line dancing this morning. lots of fun. 150 employees from a number of different wawas are here making 17,000 italian shorty hoagies, 10,000 pounds of ingredients carted in, miles of cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes the rest of the fixings. the first 5,000 hoagies will be given to philadbundance to distributor to community shelters. the rest will be served free today on independence mall at noon and while you're in the area for your hoagie check out the national constitution center. admission is free today courtesy of wawa for hoagie day. >> it is free admission at the constitution center dan that's something that we really have come to appreciate and our visitors do as well. we see a lot of great visitors today and we're going to have some great crafts and programs and we'll be honoring our
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military. >> reporter: and we're back here live. wally the goose, wawa mascot has been showing off some of this dance moves. looks like he and the phanatic have got the same choreography lessons from the same school of dance. he's been doing that little belly roll all morning long and the george washington reenactor is here. he told me he will not be getting in on the dance moves. in fact he says he's a little curious about what all is going on but he's here to supervise. again if you want your free wawa hoagie come to independence mall at noon today. expect a lot of people so be on time. we're live at the national constitution, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> that is proof they make them fresh. >> really. >> and how can you sit there next to all of those and not eat one. storm tracker 6 double scan shows you we're precipitation free this morning but there's still stuff to talk about. as we take a look outside probably going to look a little bit hazy to you today. there's sky 6 center city not too bad early on. but there is a lot of moisture
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in the air and humidity is high and you do feel that it's kind of sticky as you step outside this morning. 76 degrees in philadelphia. we're very warm to begin the day. 77 in wilmington. even up in allentown, mid 70's right now. 73 in trenton and 72 in sea isle city. and it is going to be uncomfortable today with dewpoints going up above 70 degrees for a good portion of the day and that means oppressive heat and humidity. heat indexes this afternoon between 100 and 105 and high temperatures in the 90's. in terms of precipitation, that's another issue. during the afternoon to the north and west of philadelphia we'll be on the lookout for the development of some spotty showers and thunderstorms. not everybody sees those but those that do could get hit with a heavy downpour or some strong gusty winds. could even have a couple of severe storms packed into this hot, humid atmosphere later today. by 5:30 it's mainly to the north and west of the model and then later this evening there is the chance that some of this pushes through i-95 and gets close to the shore although at the shore i don't think you see thunderstorms. it probably just falls apart
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before you get them. up in allentown we're going to allow for humid conditions and maybe a storm, 92 degrees, a mix of sun and clouds, hot and humid there and the beach, well, the ocean water temperature still running close to 70 degrees. 82 by noon, 86 by 3 o'clock. you know, i posted storms but actually i don't think there's much of a storm down the beach. anywhere you hear thunder today or tonight take cover indoors, lower floors because of the fourth for the strong ones. today's high in philadelphia, 95 and again it's going to feel like it's one hundred or higher with that high humidity and in the afternoon and evening a thunderstorm can't be ruled out. temperatures are going to climb quick. 80 degrees by 8:00 a.m., 88 by 11:00. we'll probably be 90 by lunchtime and then in the mid 90's for the rest of the afternoon with that high of 95 probably around 3:30, 4 o'clock this afternoon. down in the tropics, tropical storm arthur has gained strength. it is beginning to move north as we expected it would and the spaghetti plot models showing you the progression is
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goal together to be up the coast but far off the coast in that we get minimal impact. the main issue as it passes by on the fourth of july is rip currents at the shore. we might get a little morning rain especially along the jersey coast but we expect things will clear out for the afternoon and we think we'll be dry from the evening. if you're down the shore rip currents an issue. only swim near lifeguard stations. your exclusive accuweather, 95 is today's high, hot, very humid and gusty thunderstorms are possible in in neighborhoods late today and this evening. tomorrow humid not as hot with a high of 88 but still pretty sticky and any storms that form on thursday could produce drenching downpours. there may be less of a chance of a gusty wind on thursday but still these are storms you'll want to treat seriously because of the volume of rain. friday the fourth of july arthur appears to be off shore which is pretty much what we've been telling you the last several days. might be rain in the morning but probably dry in the afternoon. might even see sunshine in the afternoon for your barbecue. looks good for fireworks on friday night. weekend looks great, sunshine, lower humidity on saturday and
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sunday. >> weekend pretty important. >> yeah. >> thank you david. >> 6:12. up next, more stories you including a direct hit for an officer who was directing traffic. >> the u.s. team gave it their all but came up short. a recap of the men's world cup run is coming up. karen. >> we're in thornbury township and things moving nicely here on 202 at 926. we'll check the schuylkill and talk about a water main break when we come back. >> a bare cub in north jersey gets excited about a car of cookies. see what happened later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this wednesday, it is 6:16. already 77 degrees. sky 6 hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. if you like it cool, no humidity, you will have to fly and go somewhere else because it is going to be a zaun florida here today, right? >> yes, it l karen rogers, what do you have there on the big board? >> we're looking at some building volume here on the schuylkill expressway. i would say no big problem but we're looking live at the schuylkill approaching the conshohocken. eastbound traffic headed towards gladwyne, coming from king of prussia or gulph mills you're dealing with that but no big accidents or issues on the schuylkill. we have a water main break causing a problem in norristown west elm street at astor street. this just coming in. what for a water main break causing a problem. in tredyffrin township from 9
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o'clock until 2 o'clock today and tomorrow, we've got old lancaster road closing between conestoga road and lancaster avenue route 30. stick to lancaster of a your alternate. today and tomorrow you're dealing with that one. on the big picture seeing slower speeds on i-95, 23 miles per hour southbound from allegheny to girard. on the schuylkill we're still mostly looking at 50's. i think those delays will kick in but it's not too bad just yet. and a little traffic eastbound on the vine street expressway as well. no big weather related problems other than the heat, the humidity for the morning commute. 76 degrees already warm in philadelphia. 74 right now in allentown. the humidity will be oppressive today so you're really feeling it with that high of 92 and hot humidity -- or 95 and hot humidity. we're watching for that, nydia. >> karen, thank you. a police officer in maryland is under investigation for possibly pushing a driver to the ground. the officer was directing traffic around an accident scene yesterday when a driver veered off course and brushed the officer with his car.
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the officer slammed his lands on the car and banged on the window and when the driver finally got out it appeared the officer pushed him. the driver faces dui charges. >> samsung unveils a new smaller smartphone. abc's renna ninan shows us. >> reporter: a smaller galaxy s5. the downsized version goes on sale later this movement it has a smaller screen and slower processor than the regular s5 but also a lower price. go pro stocks is surging. shares of the action camera maker were up 20 percent just in yesterday's trading. the stock went public last thursday, the price has more than doubled making its creator an instand billionaire. we're super sizing our televisions. many americans are replacing their 50-inch tv's with 65-inch models or bigger. sales of these larger televisions are up 50 percent in the past year. while the overall tv market a slumping.
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world cup setting a record for video streaming. espn's live streams have logged more than 30 million viewing hours much more than the recent olympic much those are your tech bites. i'm renna ninan. >> 6:19. getting a second chance. nasa tries once again to launch a rocket that was shut down yesterday just a few seconds before liftoff. david. >> it's hot and humid out there today. take a look as we have a heat advisory in effect. it kicks in at noon, doesn't expire until 8 o'clock. heat indexes could make it feel between 100 and 105. we'll be back with your daypart forecast and get you to the
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>> the state environmental protection department took these photos of a six month old cub wedged 42 feet up a tree friday night in ring wood new jersey. experts were able to gingerly cut the jar off and free young
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bear. learned his lesson i guess. glad he's okay. >> embarrassed to admit i've done that many times myself. >> i've seen pictures. >> do the emt's have to come. >> no, no, i just worked it out. let's take you to the maps. a new problem in cheltenham. church road and willow grove avenue an accident with a vehicle that ran into a pole right here so this one just coming in in what has otherwise been a very quiet traffic morning. out here in flourtown you'll see why. not too many people out there and we're clear and dry on 309 at paper mill road and mass transit's on time, too, dave. >> we're in the mid 70's right now and man, do temperatures climb in a hurry today karen. on the big board 83 degrees by 9 o'clock in case you're catching the bus or el. 90 degrees by noon. that's quick rise to 90 today. and 94 by 3 o'clock. your high is going to be 95 and we'll probably hit that right around 4 o'clock. but the heat index is going to make it feel like it's over 100 at times. real hot and humid today. there's the chance of a afternoon thunderstorm particularly in the northern and western suburbs.
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by evening we could see that creeping closer to philadelphia. on the big board all green. airplanes on the airport board, warm temperatures in all of our most frequently flown travel destinations but no precipitation out there to show you down, nydia. >> thank you so much, david. firefighters are battling a raging wildfire in napa county in northern california. the flames have burned more than 2700 acres, damaged five structures and prompted mandatory evacuations for more than 200 homes. dry windy conditions are helping fuel the blaze. no injuries have been reported. there are reports a weed whacker may have started the fire. >> the u.s. soccer team's exciting run at the world cup in brazil is over. belgium scored two quick goals in extra time to beat the u.s. team two to one yesterday. that knocked the americans out of the competition. u.s. goalie tim howard was the reason the americans were ever in the game. he made several tough stops during the scoreless regulation time. here is your complete world
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cup update. [cheers and applause]
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>> nasa has successfully launched a rocket from california that had been delayed yesterday. this is video that just came in. a delta two rocket carrying a satellite lifted off from the air force base about a half hour ago. the mission of the orbiting
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carbon observatory is to study carbon dioxide. >> a new study suggests the new technology may not be making a difference. researchers looked at the numbers and can't find any evidence cancers were being detector earlier than when women were getting the standard mammogram. the new tests are more expensive which means patients could be paying for pricey scans that don't provide added benefits. >> up next, a breaking update on a shooting involving two teens in chester. >> and katherine scott is working up quite an appetite. katherine. >> that's right, nydia, today is wawa hoagie day and the build is under way. constitution center with more on the food and the fun coming
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safety goggles? this breakfast burrito is exploding with flavor. i think you're getting a little carried away. morning, guys. dunkin's southwest steak breakfast burrito, with steak and fire-roasted vegetables, is packed with flavor. hurry in today. >> breaking now on "action
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news," two teens are among those shot when bullets fly into a crowd in chester delaware county. >> this week's heat hits a fever pitch today. accuweather is calling for conditions that will make it feel higher than 100 degrees. >> shorties unite for one tasty toast to america. we have a live p you can cherry as sandwich builders embark on a wawa tradition, building the 5-ton hoagie. good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday. tam is off. nydia han joins us. let's have david and karen give us some weather and traffic. good morning. >> lots of sun up over the horizon. we have issues today. a heat advisory kicks in at noon today and doesn't expire until 8 o'clock tonight in all those central counties and urban centers in particular. you're looking at highs in the 90's but heat indexes making it feel like it's between 100 and 105 this afternoon and into early this evening. so, definitely weather to be careful in today. 76 degrees is your current temperature and already feels real muggy out here on the terrace. 77 in wilmington, 74 in allentown and 73 in sea isle
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city. as we roll through the day, the numbers climb in a hurry. by 9 o'clock up to 83. by noon, 90 and by 3 o'clock, 94 with a high of 95. probably around 4 o'clock before we dip back down into the low 90's. by 6 o'clock and there's a chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm around starting out northwest. in fact, some of these storms even though they're going to be spotty do have a slight risk at producing severe numbers and severe characteristics. we could see some gusty winds, downpours and lots of lightning from anything that does form and again it starts later this afternoon north and west of philadelphia, probably holds off until evening in the i-95 corridor. right now satellite and radar not really showing you a lot out there but as we get into the heating of the afternoon that's when things are going to start to cook and we're also looking at tropical storm arthur cooking and making a move north along the east coast of florida. that is going to be here later in the week. doesn't look like a big impact, though. we'll have the latest track from accuweather and the rest of the holiday weekend forecast coming up, karen.
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>> all right, dave. so for now we've got that dry morning commute. we're starting to slow down a little bit on i-95. here we are at cottman. southbound traffic as you head towards center city slow at cottman and again approaching allegheny to girard but not totally jammed just yet. we have an accident in cheltenham montgomery county on church road at willow grove avenue. a vehicle went into a pole so a problem here that could take a little while to clear. they've got to fix that pole. in norristown montgomery county a new water main break out here west elm at after sore -- astor street. coming from blackwood no delay. a 14 minute ride. not too bad northbound from the ac expressway to the walt whitman bridge and the delaware overview showing things are pretty good here. 495 of course remains closed between terminal avenue and 12th street no delays yet on i-95 northbound or southbound, matt. >> thanks, karen. breaking right now, new details just into our news room on a shooting shooting in r that sends five people to the hospital.
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"action news" reporter erin o'hearn has the update live in our satellite center. good morning. >> good morning, matt. new details and disturbing details coming in. police confirmed two of the five people shot were teenagers. a 14 year old girl was shot in the right foot, a 14 year old boy was shot in the right leg. three adult men were also hit as a barrage of bullets were fired into a group of people who were according to police just talking to friends and playing on the basketball court. according to neighbors the gun shots rang out around midnight and everyone ran for cover. all of the victims are listed in stable condition in an area hospital. this is an ongoing investigation with no word of any suspects or any motive. police are urging anyone with information to call them immediately and we've posted that number on our web site at i'm erin o'hearn live in the satellite center. matt back to you. >> thanks erin. police believe a
6:34 am
neighborhood dispute in west philadelphia led to gunfire. someone shot two women sitting on their front porches on fallon street near hoops late last night. one of the women is stable. the other remains in critical condition. police say officers responded to the same area earlier in the night to break up an argument between resident on the block. >> a car involved in a police chase left a lot of people along two philadelphia streets. a total of five parked cars got smashed up along gillingham and orthodox streets in the port richmond section overnight. pennsylvania state troopers say it happened when a driver fleeing police lost control. the suspect is now in custody. no police officers were hurt. >> the delaware and lehigh valleys will be under a heat advisory this afternoon. children and the elderly are encouraged to keep hydrated and stay indoors when the sun is strongest. temperatures will be in the 90's but it will feel like triple digits. david with the forecast in seconds. actually a few minutes. down to the shore they are watching the path of tropical storm arthur as it tracks north along the coast.
6:35 am
authorities expect the conditions to be ripe for rip currents over the holiday weekend. a rip current swept away a teenager in ocean city earlier this week. he is presumed drowned but his body has not been found. >> it is 6:35. a fourth of july tradition is in full swing on independence mall this morning. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the national constitution center for the 22nd annual wawa hoagie day, the big build is on, right, katherine? >> reporter: that's right, nydia. and they've been moving fast. the first 5,000 hoagies have already been made. they're getting carted off in the philadbundance trucks right now. a lot of people are taking a break. some of the assembly lines are in action as we speak with all these delicious hoagies. the hoagie making hasn't gotten in the way of all the fun as we've been seeing all morning. they've been doing some line dancing, they did a mean chicken dance earlier. 150 employees from a number of different wawas are putting together this free feast for later. here's what they're doing. they're making 17,000 italian
6:36 am
shorty hoagies, 10,000 pounds of ingredients are being used and our first president, general george washington is here. he said he was advised it was an operation that was helping the common good so he came to supervise but he did admit he was a little perplexed about what was going on. >> i think it's remarkable. my only problem is that i'm a bit confused because no one has explained to me what a hoagie is. i'm not quite familiar with it. it looks good and i hope to try one if my teeth will allow it. >> reporter: someone get george a hoagie. he doesn't know what he's missing. they're lining up right now getting all these hoagies built for later. the first 5,000 hoagies are being loaded up on that philadbundance truck as we speak. they'll be distributed to community shelters aroundd the delaware valley. the rest will be served for free at noon today on independence mall and whether it's before or after you get
6:37 am
your hoagie make sure you stop by the national constitution center. admission is free today courtesy of wawa. we are live at the national constitution center, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. good day. >> you see that, they put the oregano on there. that's a great touch. >> it is. >> it really is nice. >> sweet peppers i'm telling you, the best. >> i'll take hot. >> i know will you. >> i made a burger once and i swear it would have put me in my grave. storm tracker 6 life double scan, no precip. it's warmed o'warm, humid out there, lots of sunshine over the horizon. walk around in that a little bit even at this early hour and you start to sweat because that humidity is pretty thick. 76 is the current temperature and ding, ding, ding our dewpoint has now climbed to 70 and that is the cut off for what we call oppressive humidity. you get 70 or better and it's pretty sticky. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. satellite and radar on future tracker 6 showing you that it's fairly bright through the day but in the afternoon we'll start to see some showers and some spotty thunderstorms pop up in the northern and western
6:38 am
suburbs. some of these could be strong with gusty winds and obviously drenching downpours. by 5:30 there's the chance that this is starting to move closer to the i-95 corridor. the model definitely has that coming through in the evening hours and then over at the shore you may never see a whole lot of this, maybe a shower later in the evening. generally speaking it's northern and western suburbs in the afternoon. i-95 late day and early evening. in terms of today's storms, afternoon and evening they're going to be scattered as you just saw but some could be possibly severe with strong damaging winds, downpours, lots of lightning so the general resume of thumb today is if you hear thunder take cover infloors on the lower floors. temperatures that's the other part of the story. 88 by 11 o'clock, i actually think we could hit 90 on a lot of thermometers as soon as noon which is pretty early in the day for that. 93 by 2 o'clock and 95 is your high probably around 4 o'clock and again, that heat advisory is in effect suggesting that our heat indexes around here could be as high as 100 to 105 degrees.
6:39 am
combination of the heat and the humidity that's how you get the heat index. 92 the high in allentown. even in the lehigh valley looking pretty hot. 92 in wilmington, 92 in dover, 95 in wilmington. mid 80's down the shore which is warmer than it's been recently and there's that humidity factor that's also going to be part of the package there down the shore. again, oppressive today with those high dewpoints so you got the storm issue and you got the humidity. down in the tropics we now see tropical storm arthur strengthening a bit and beginning to make a move toward the north as expected. the miles per hour winds, sustained winds are up to 60 from 40 yesterday so it is growing in strength and as this storm moves under coast we started talking more and more about this yesterday at noon but really from the start we've been talking about how it's going to be offer the coast. well, now that most likely track is shifting even farther out to the sea so it looks like the center of the storm is likely hundreds of miles out at the coast. the big issue from this maybe is going to be rip currents down along the jersey and delaware coastline and as things dry out during the day friday and into saturday, i do have a concern that people hit
6:40 am
the beach and if you're not thinking about this it could be a problem so be sure if you go into the water friday and saturday down the shore do it next to lifeguard stands, okay. 95 is today's high. humid, very humid in fact. and those afternoon thunderstorms coming in could be strong in some cases. and then thursday 88, warm and humid. got some drenchers on tap, maybe not as gusty but still some thunderstorms around that could produce drenching downpours and then on friday arthur is thankful well off the coast. could have some rain early in the morning. but we're expecting drying in the afternoon, perhaps the return of some sunshine and it should be okay for your barbecues and for fireworks at night. and then saturday and sunday make plans. lots of sun, humidity is lower. it's nice. >> already have. [laughter] >> we have made plans. thanks, david. 6:40. we're following breaking news in the middle east. there are reports of a revenge killing in the wake of the deaths of three israeli teens. >> and a driver in new england clearly underestimated the height of his his truck. karen. >> looking at a disabled vehicle here on i-95 and this is southbound right by
6:41 am
washington avenue. we could see penndot on the scene with this one. it's mostly off to the shoulder but just watch for this as you're headed out. what does it look like on the schuylkill? i'll show you coming up. >> hollywood funny man opts for a rehab refresher even fallen off the wagon. that's later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. taking a live look at the beach at cape may, new jersey. do be aware of rip currents
6:44 am
this week particularly on friday and saturday when tropical storm arthur makes its pass. you want to swim parallel to the shore not directly at it. >> shore is the nice place to to be especially when it's this hot outside. >> absolutely. nothing terrible out there on the schuylkill expressway. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards center city. and starting to get kind of heavy from conshohocken to the curve and from montgomery to girard as we can see. not a terrible jam-up just yet though. look at the big picture seeing slow spheedz on i-95, 42 miles an hour at cottman, about 19 miles an hour from allegheny to girard. the tum under the ben franklin bridge remains closed until about 2 o'clock this afternoon. they're doing maintenance there. look for that. this disabled vehicle i showed you i-95 southbound at penn's landing right before the commercial break you a watching and they started to pull it away so i think that's clearing up now looking a lot better. let's take you over here because we've got an accident in cheltenham. a vehicle ran into a pole so it's a problem on church road at willow grove avenue. really haven't had too many
6:45 am
accidents out there but that's one to watch for there in montgomery county and it's a water main break that's new right now in norristown west elm street at astor street so look for that to be cause something restrictions there in norristown and how about the temperatures. it's warm, it's sticky already. 76 degrees right now in philadelphia, 74 in allentown. it's 75 degrees in millville. we are headed up to a hot and humid 95 today with the chance for some thunderstorms, some of which could be gusty later on today and tonight, matt. >> thanks, karen. we have breaking news from the middle east. israeli police are investigating the possibility of a revenge killing for the kidnapping and killing of three israeli teens. an arab teen's body has been found in a jerusalem forest. witnesses say he had been forced into a vehicle last night. the incident comes days after the bodies of the three missing israeli teens were discovered in the west bank. tens of thousands of mourners turned out yesterday for the funerals for the three teens. israel launched rocket strikes
6:46 am
at hamas militant group targets in retaliation for the murders. >> new at 6:30 an arson suspect in the lehigh valley plans to enter a plea deal. their client will admit to involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say craig start add fire in northampton county last october after fighting with her boyfriend. a man who lived in an apartment above the business ended up dying from his injuries three weeks later. >> also new on "action news," drivers found themselves in a pinch when a truck carrying 7,000 pounds of live lobsters crashed and exploded in massachusetts. the driver of the 13-foot tall rider rental truck tried to clear an overpass yesterday and as you see here failed. the truck then burst into flames. surveillance video captured the impact. police charged the truck driver with operating a motor vehicle negligently. the entire load of lobsters worth $100,000 had to be
6:47 am
discarded. >> ouch. >> wasted. >> singed. >> 646. tropical trouble. david. >> all right guys we have arthur on the way and in the out there. we'll have more on that coming up in your exclusive accuweather [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan,
6:48 am
and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world.
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my favorite thing is the excitement of the outdoors. like rock climbing in the catskills, rafting in the adirondacks, surfing on long island, or getting your heart racing at watkins glen international. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone.
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at >> we have a developing story out of north philadelphia. two masked men barged into a rooming house this morning. the men one of which was armed broke into the house in the 2300 block of north 20th street at 4:00 a.m. both ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. police say the residents suffered minor injuries. >> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> let's head to amy robach live at the "gma" studios. not many people will be seen walking barefoot in new york today. it's going to be hot out there. >> reporter: yes going to be in the 90's with asphalt all around. it's a lovely day here in new york city matt and nydia, great to be with you both this morning. coming up next on "good morning america" we're talking about weather but of the tropical nature. tropical storm arthur gaining strength and moving up the east coast. high waves and rain district florida up to the carolinas. ginger has the very latest on arthur and then as you've been reporting that massive food truck explosion caught on camera. look at that. the blast sending a huge fire ball into the sky injuring a
6:51 am
dozen people including two critically. we'll have much more on that and then a firestorm of controversy over a texas cheerleader's facebook photo that she poses with the bodies of rare animals that she hunterred and killed. what she is saying in her defense this morning. and then that heartbreaking loss for team u.s.a., the americans coming so close to pulling off a stunning come back in the world cup. they fell just short in extra time against belgium but guess who we have this morning? we are talking to their goalie, tim howard. he barely has a voice. they had a tough night getting back in at midnight last night but they are with us this morning. we can't wait for that. we also have robin thicke here live and then he also have man of the hour here david muir. >> hey, david. >> reporter: he's the big star. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. >> very good. >> can't wait -- tim howard, he played -- >> it was the best game that any goalie played. >> it really was. i've seen a lost soccer games from this high.
6:52 am
all right, let's take you right now outside and show you light volume in chester county. 30 bypass at 322, no major delays yet. i think a lot of people might have off with the holiday weekend coming up. ben franklin bridge is looking good, too, dave. >> my twitter follower katie in drexel hill reports 75 degrees. thanks katie bug. it's humid out there in drexel hill, though. as we take a look at your shopping experience today you might want to get stuff done early. in the 80's by 9 o'clock, noon 90. the humidity today is going to be oppressive. four these by clear clock. high today is 95. in the northern and western suburbs some thunderstorms are possible. in philadelphia they might hold off until evening. we have that heat advisory in effect starting at noon and it goes until 8 o'clock. nydia. >> got it, thank you david. >> actor robin williams entered rehab again not because he's fallen off the waygone just wants to make sure he doesn't. william checked into a facility to focus on his
6:53 am
sobriety after working on back to back projects according to his rep. in 2006 williams sought treatment for alcoholism after after 20 years of sobriety.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55. two women remain in critical condition this morning from a propane tank explosion.
6:56 am
the tank was providing energy to a lunch truck they were in which was parked along a feltonville street yesterday. the women suffered serious burns on more than half of their bodies. it is wawa hoagie day. part of the week's wawa welcome america celebration. and the action cam is live where 150 wawa workers are constructing a 17,000 italian shorty hoagie. 5,000 will go to area shelters, the rest will be handed out for free at plan to at independence mall. get them while they're fresh. [laughter] >> yum. >> looking good, rightly all right, also looking good the traffic. not too bad on 422 at trooper. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia. little building volume approaching 23 but we think with the holiday we've got sh some lighter volume on the roads. we're not without issue. we've got a water main break. they've shut down west elm street at astor street here in norristown. stick to marshall street instead. >> hot and humid today, karen. we'll be at 90 degrees as soon as noon today, how about that? a high of 95. a heat advisory in effect.
6:57 am
heat indexes over 100 and chance of a pop-up thunderstorm this afternoon and this evening and some of those could be strong and gusty, okay. >> stay cool out there for karen rogers, david murphy, matt o'donnell. "gma" is next. and we'll see you in about 25 minutes. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group destination downingtown. minutes from king of prussia and the delaware state line and featuring chrysler, dodge, jeep, ram, mitsubishi, fiat and vw. if you want it for less, you
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. good morning, america. happening now, hurricane and tropical storm watches for the east coast as arthur picks strength fast off florida. these teenagers slammed against the rocks and rough seas. >> i thought i was going to die pip couldn't breathe. >> what the growing storm means for july 4th, and a massive wildfire in napa's wine country. and the food truck fireball caught on camera. 200 feet in the air, at least a dozen people injured. what caused the blast. breaking now, new security at the airport. urgent new procedures to keep us safe from a terror attack. what you need to know before your next flight. and so close -- >> it's julian


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